2015 Annual Meeting A HUGE SUCCESS

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The 49th Annual Meeting of the
California-Nevada Chapter
April 8th-10th – 2015 was a HUGE success

CalNeva 2015 overlooking the social by the pool

We had 367 registered attendees over 3 full days, 109 oral presentations, 3 continuing education classes attended by nearly 90 members, 2 tours and a full day workshop on tidal marsh restoration.

Manny Thanks….

On behalf of the planning committee and the executive committee we cannot thank you all enough for attending.  This was by far our most successful meeting yet.  We have so many sponsors and donors to thank, including; Warren Leach and Teddi Carbonneau of Oregon RFID, who were our top sponsors.  We also greatly appreciate the generous support of ESA, East Bay MUD, AECOM, Biomark, Sonoma Count Water Agency, Balance Hydrologics, OTT Hydromet, cbec, Desert Star Systems, Vemco,  and Salmon Soft.  We couldn’t have done it with our your contributions.  LOGO’s coming soon.

We’d also like to thank our generous donors for raffle prizes, which raised nearly $2,000 for student and professional travel.  Donors included, Adamsbuild Fishing, Blue Ridge Timber Cutting, INC. California Fly Fishers Unlimited, The Drake magazien, Fishing for Gyotaku, Lagunitas Brewing Co. Lake Fork Trophy Lures, Shasta Trinity Fly Fishers, Simms Fishing Products, R.I. Winston Rod Co. CRKT, Eartheasy, Havalon Knives, Ellen Klatt, Mepps, Rod Sox, Rio Products, Royal Wulff Products, Brian Skerry, Travz Art, Steelhead Vineyards, eno, California Trout, Cheeky Fly Fishing, Cabelas, Keekreny Fish Prints, Tenkara USA, Granite Rock, Restop, San Diego Fly Fishers and Mountain Kahkis.

Award Winners

Best Student Presentations (Oral)

1st Place      Matthew J. Young         UC Davis

Fish & food: how habitat and trophic subsidies structure resource use in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta

2nd Place     David C. Fryxell             UC Santa Cruz

Sex ratio variation determines the ecological impacts of Mosquitofish populations

3rd Place     Rosalyn T. Lam              UC Davis, Bodega Marine Lab

The impacts of polystyrene plastic and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) on the development of Zebrafish (Danio rerio)

Best Student Poster Awards

1st Place      Meredith Nagel              UC Davis

Winter food-limitation: Impacts on adult Delta Smelt reproduction and health

2nd Place     Travis M. Apgar              UC Santa Cruz

Quantifying the costs and benefits of migration in the evolution of life history variations in Oncorhynchus mykiss

3rd Place     Ben A. Wasserman        UC Santa Cruz

Dynamic estuary environments promote intraspecific diversity in threespine stickleback

 Katrina Martens (Cramer Fish Sciences) Poster Award

Gina Contolini   UC Santa Cruz

Ecology and Evolution in Acid: Influences on an Intertidal Interaction

Stay tuned, more to come.











The schedule of session is now available as a PDF. Click HERE


Download the full conference program HERE



Registration is open.  To register, navigate to our Eventbrite event page or click HERE


Registration Prices:
Members $300
Students $80
Young Professionals $150
Retired member $200
Non-Member $350
Single Day Rate $175

Registration will be capped at 350 attendees, so register today.  Space is limited.  The banquet is nearly full so don’t delay.

LOCATION:  Santa Cruz, CA.

This year’s meeting will be held at the Hotel Paradox in Santa Cruz, CA  Please visit the Hotel Paradox website for booking information, or call 831-425-7100 to make reservations.


  • Going with the Flow: Maintaining Linkages in Regulated Rivers Systems – Scott Wilcox
  • Human-Assisted Methods for Population Supplementation-Carlos GarzaRhonda Reed
  • Native Fishes: Ecology and Conservation – Wayne Lifton
  • Monitoring Matters: Making Informed Management Decisions – Heather McIntire
  • Estuaries and Lagoons: Ocean-Watershed Linkages in a Changing Climate-Christina Toms
  • Defining Fish Habitat- Joe Merz and Sean Gallagher
  • Linkage between the Sacramento River and Northern Tributaries -Fish Response to Management.-Tricia Parker-Hamelberg
  • Causes and Consequences of Life History Evolution:  Where Ecology and Evolution Collide-Joe Merz and Eric Palkovacs
  • Challenges and Applications for Salmonid and Watershed Recovery in Highly Altered Streams Cynthia Le-Doux-Bloom
  • Great White Sharks: Recent Advances in Understanding Behavior and Habitat Use.  Cynthia Le-Doux-Bloom.
  • Monitoring and mitigating impacts from California’s continuing drought conditions-Michelle Workman
  • Contributed Papers – JD Wikert.
  • Ecology and Conservation of Winter-Run Chinook Salmon-Steve Zeug
  • Sandy Watersheds, Salmonids, and Salamanders- Denis Ruttenberg/ Barry Hecht
  • Student Symposium – Denise DeCarion
  • Restoration or Reconciliation?:  Tidal Wetlands, Fishes, and Estuaries in California-Jim Hobbs




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